Genesis Rojaus Bernas


Junior World Winner 2018 Lithuanian and Latvia Junior Champion

(LT JCH, LV JCH), Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and

Polish Champion (LT CH, LV CH, EST CH, PL CH)

Sire:  Kronblommas Yam-Yam

Dam:  Carrera Rojaus Bernas

DOB: 07.03.2017

ANKC Registration Number:      LSVK BS 1837/16

Hips:                                              International A

Elbows:                                          International 0

Eyes:                                              Clear

Genesis is personality plus, superb type and amazing.  His titles and achievements speak for themselves.


We are honoured Rojaus Bernas graciously shared his superb lines with us here at OakieBern.

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